Toggle Announces 1.6 Million Raise To Build SaaS Platform for Freight

August 4, 2021

After introducing an already profitable freight logistics service, Toggle, Inc. is announcing the close of a 1.6 million dollar seed round to launch a SaaS logistics and digital freight platform. The platform streamlines access to freight options for shippers, also increasing profitability for carriers and drivers. The supply chain routinely suffers from logistics problems, now solvable by advances in granular real-time data collection, AI, and blockchain technology applications.

Logistics problems in freight and shipping have been well-known for years, damaging shipper efficiency, squeezing carrier margins, and decreasing driver’s quality of life increasing driver shortage concerns. These supply chain flaws were exacerbated during the COVID-19 pandemic, validating the immediate need for Toggle’s approach. The platform’s launch will mark the beginning of a more efficient and profitable global supply chain.

Opening as a private beta in September for carriers, drivers, and shippers, the platform will provide data-rich transparency to companies shipping freight, intelligently anticipating and adjusting route plans to tighten arrival window accuracy. Increased efficiency also aims to reduce fuel costs, waste, and carbon emissions. Toggle’s technology also provides real-time quotes, eliminating needless negotiation for both parties.

The platform will also remove tedious scheduling and payment process for drivers and carriers. Toggle’s software intelligently plans routes and makes precise logistical decisions in fractions of a second, giving shippers, carriers, and drivers real-time transparency to their freight location and granular data to understand and take control of their distribution plan.

For shippers and companies needing efficient freight support, Toggle is eradicating confusing pricing models, excessive costs, unclear shipping delays, and in some cases unfair pricing. For drivers and carriers, Toggle is addressing long-known industry challenges that result in payment delays, poorly planned routes, and difficult scheduling. The platform’s focus on logistics efficiency means more time actually driving, simultaneously decreasing overall time away from home

“For shippers, the Toggle platform eliminates redundant providers, allowing carriers to compete for your freight keeping costs down,” explained Jeremy Spillman, founder, and CEO of Toggle. “Shippers and companies will have access to their freight 24/7/365 so they can manage operations accordingly creating significant savings.”

“For drivers and carriers, Toggle intelligently finds freight and keeps them moving with a personal customizable dispatch solution. Our platform manages their freight and scheduling while they drive.” Explained Spillman. “From push notifications for quality nearby freight to managing your business, Toggle will run their business for them so they can do what you do best: drive.”

Spillman has a long history in the freight industry, formerly in logistics management for a major Fortune 500 shipping company. He also has experience in commercial property, site selection, acquisitions, dispositions, capital markets, agency, and tenant representation for large and small companies in industrial markets.

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